What to Look for When Buying a Used Rowing Machine

You don’t have to buy a new rowing machine if you want to lose weight or build strength. A used machine may just be as good as a new one, but there are a few things to check before making that purchase. You’re probably on a budget. Nevertheless, to make sure you don’t spend much money having the equipment repaired, consider checking the following parts.

1. Seat

Check that the seat is comfortable. Does it stay in place? Is it worn? It should be able to support your butt and of course your whole upper body. It should stay in place during your whole exercise. Some used rowing machines can have worn seats that are uncomfortable to sit on. Such defects should be fixed because they will affect your workout performance.

2. Handle

The handle is another part that easily shows sign of deterioration. In used machines, this may have worn rubber grip, which causes discomfort. Any part of the machine that gives you discomfort can affect your performance. You can replace the worn part at a low cost though. However, aside from aesthetic defects, the handle can become faulty after a long time of repeated use. This is why you have to try the used machine before buying it to make sure the handle and the cord attached to it are working properly. A faulty handle may not provide optimum resistance, jeopardizing your workout.

3. Slide

Old rowing machines can also have jerky slides. That’s another thing to check. When you’re rowing, the slide allows your seat to move smoothly along the length of the machine. You wouldn’t be able to work out properly and get the full benefit of the machine if the slide isn’t working properly. If something gets snagged and the slide stops halfway before reaching the end, it’s workout fiasco.

4. Wheel

If you’re rowing as part of your strength training routine, pay attention to a rowing machine’s wheel. The wheel is part of the mechanism of the machine that provides resistance. Resistance is what you need to hit your muscles hard. This may not be much of a concern for cardio enthusiasts, as they can use the equipment basically as an endurance training tool. But if you want to build muscle, check the wheel if it’s working properly.

5. Footplate

Footplates should be sturdy in place to keep the feet stable. If you can move the footplates, you may need to have them repaired.

Additional Tips

Consider the size of the machine.

Rowing machines are big and bulky. They require huge storage space. If you have limited space at home, consider looking for versions that can be folded in half.

Consider the type of resistance.

Rowing machines have different types of resistance. Some employ hydraulic resistance. Others have water. Others utilize magnetism. Water resistance is very effective and mimics paddling motion in water, but this type of resistance creates considerable noise. On the other hand, magnetic resistance is adjustable and is just as effective as water resistance, minus the noise.

Consider trying the machine.

This is impossible if you’re buying online. If that’s the case, then just read the description. If you’re buying at a local gym equipment shop, try the machine. See if it works smoothly and doesn’t have defects, aesthetic or mechanical.

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