Best Gym Machines for Weight Loss

cardio machines for weight loss
When you enter a gym, you will find a wide selection of machines, some for weight lifters, others for fitness enthusiasts. If you want to lose weight, you would be spending most of your time on machines like treadmills or ellipticals. But what exactly are the best weight loss machines?


Treadmills are popular among people who want to lose weight. If you go to a gym, particularly a big one with a whole range of equipment, you’ll find many people sweating over a treadmill. It’s probably the most popular cardio machine for people who want to run or jog but couldn’t do so outdoors. How much you burn on a treadmill depends on your pace and how long your workout is. It’s not good for everyone though. People with arthritis and leg or ankle injuries may have to forgo the treadmill.

Stationary Bike

One of the best things about stationary or recumbent bikes is they are good for people with minor ankle injuries. Cycling isn’t as hard on the joints as running is (yeah, even running on a treadmill). The downside of cycling is it basically frees your arms, allowing you to check your smartphone or read a magazine. You slack off on your exercise and you won’t get optimum fat burn.


Running is a great fat burning exercise, but it’s not an option if you’re on recovering joints. The solution: elliptical trainers. The machine allows you to mimic running movements without giving as much impact on your joints. It’s great for people with arthritis as well as for anyone, especially non-runners who are starting a fitness regimen. Don’t let the calorie burn counter fool you. Start slow on your first few weeks. Then work out hard as you progress for maximum burns.

Stair Stepper

If you have no access to stairs, but stair climbing is one of your favorite fat burning pastimes, then something like a stair stepper machine is what you need. This machine is like a cardio and bodyweight machine combined. Beginners may find it difficult to use at first, and people with knee injuries may opt for another machine. For healthy individuals, it’s a great weight loss machine. Just like ellipticals and treadmills, stair steppers have handles that lure people into gripping them most of the time, making the exercise inefficient.

Rowing Machine

You probably haven’t heard of or seen a rowing machine. It’s not as popular as treadmills or ellipticals in gyms and fitness centers. But if you see one, try it. It’s possibly the most underrated fitness machine. One reason for that is people don’t know how to use it. Another is that people just find it intimidating. The rowing machine gives you full control of your workout. You’re in control of your tempo and intensity. Some people use it as a resistance machine for strength gains. Many people prefer it as a cardio machine though. Either way, it burns fat and trains you for cardiovascular fitness.

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