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Improve Your Golf Game With These Swing Tips

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Are you an avid golfer who really wants to improve your score? The single biggest thing you can do to positively impact your golf score is to improve your swing. Your swing can make all the difference in being a duffer or actually win some tournaments. There are several moves to your swing, but the two that are most important are consistency and power. If you learn how to consistently power your swing to produce long, accurate shots, you are on your way to a brand new game of golf. So, grab your bag of beginner golf clubs and get ready to work on that swing!

Your swing impacts two very important elements of a lower score: direction and distance. The direction is produced by the rotation the golf club makes as it hits the ball. This creates sidespin or backspin which impacts where your ball goes.

Distance is produced by the power you apply to the ball. You increase your power by quickly bringing the club from the top of your swing through to the impact on the ball. The distance you generate is a direct result of the force you place on the shaft to the club head and into the ball.

Another important element of your swing is consistency. You become more accurate and consistent as your learn and perfect good technique. The golf swing is a combination of strength, balance, and fluidity. When used in the right combination, your shot will go longer and land where you want it.

Some may think it is better to swing hard, but actually swinging too hard will actually reduce the power of your shot. You get distance from being accurate and fluid. These are much more important than using too much strength. It is more important to use just enough power to manage nd control your shot.

Most swing errors are a result of a bad swing plane. Usually, the swing plane is not correctly aligned to either the target or the plane angle. Unless you’ve been golfing a long time or are taking lessons from a good pro, you may not understand how your clubs are engineered to emphasize the swing plane.

There is a pretty simple secret to improving your swing plane. Keep your swing as close to the angle you use when addressing the ball. This is the original wing plane and you should try and swing through this consistently.

Learning to improve your golf swing takes time and patience. Work on the simple elements and you will be certain to lower your score and have fun at the same time.